LEED GOLD - January 31, 2012

2401 Evesham Road, Voorhees, New Jersey

The "New Building" @ 2401 Evesham Road, Voorhees, New Jersey is Certified LEED GOLD CS (Green building). What this means is that the design and construction practices incorporated into this project can substantially reduce or eliminate negative environmental impacts, including operational practices of the tenants.  One way this is accomplished is by designing buildings which are more energy efficient.  With this building, efficiency is gained by using reflective materials on the roof to deflect solar heat gain, thermally broken windows, additional insulation in the walls, and other items. This building is estimated to use 38% less energy than a similar building using current standard design and construction practices.  Other practices incorporated in this building are intended to increase the well-being and productivity of the occupants.  This is accomplished through providing clean air ducts, providing walk-off mats to limit contaminants from shoes, providing operable windows, and increased ventilation, better air filters, and using paints and sealants with low levels of VOC’s.  Other features include recycling areas, reduced water consumption with low flow fixtures, and solar and geo-thermal energy systems.

The building will be the first LEED Certified GOLD CS Office/Medical Building in Camden County  (Click LEED and planned points), and the first to incorporate solar and geothermal elements. The project will be one of the first sites in the State of New Jersey to have Electric Car Charging Stations.  Other site features include storm water management, and site and building lighting which limits illumination of the night sky.   

There were only 89 LEED certified buildings in New Jersey when the project started.  This project will include an education program to be provided at the building, and website information, which is intended to provide an example for future buildings. Our hope is that some day all buildings will be designed and constructed using sustainable practices to responsibly address our footprint on our surroundings.   

22,000 Sq. Ft. (+/-) of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design