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Photovoltaic solar panels for on-site energy generation- SEE an actual solar panel!!! LISTEN to humming Inverters. LEARN about the mysterious world of SREC'S. (No, we are not going on the roof)

Geo-thermal system for on-site energy generation. GUESS where the wells are! LEARN why geo-thermal heating and cooling saves on utility bills even though the system is all electric.

Stations for alternate energy vehicle refueling. WHAT are those things in the parking lot? WHAT IS LEVEL 2......you will find out!


Storm water design, Quantity and quality control. Where does all this water go? Where are the roof drains?


Roof solar reflectance. TOUCH a real piece of roof material. OOOHHH!



Water conservation. NUMBER ONE or NUMBER TWO........your choice!


Building energy performance. The MYSTERIOUS world of .........what does that mean?


Storage and collection of recyclables. YEAH, we did that........ YEAH, we do that....



Certified wood. If is is wood......how does it become certified?


Indoor air quality and monitoring - Windows that open. What a great idea.


Indoor pollutant management - Don't tread on me.