What is LEED?

LEED:      Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design


The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is a nonprofit organization committed to the sustainable future for our built environment through cost-efficient and energy-saving buildings.


The LEED green building certification program is a national rating system for buildings designed, constructed and operated for improved environmental and human health performance. LEED promotes green building strategies in five areas: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials and resources selection, indoor environmental quality, and innovation & design process.


The rating system has four levels of certification defined by a point system based on a system of green building requirements.  There are 69 possible points of green building features, in addition to pre-requisites required. The levels of certification are as follows:


Certified: 23-27 points

Silver:  28-33 points

Gold:  34-44 points

Platinum:  45-61 points.



In the United States alone, buildings account for: 
    72% of electricity consumption,
    39% of energy use,
    38% of all carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions,
    40% of raw materials use,
    30% of waste output (136 million tons annually), and
    14% of potable water consumption.


Benefits of Green Building:

Environmental benefits:

       Enhance and protect ecosystems and biodiversity

       Improve air and water quality

       Reduce solid waste

       Conserve natural resources

Economic benefits:

       Reduce operating costs

       Enhance asset value and profits

       Improve employee productivity and satisfaction

       Optimize life-cycle economic performance

Health and community benefits:

       Improve air, thermal, and acoustic environments

       Enhance occupant comfort and health

       Minimize strain on local infrastructure

       Contribute to overall quality of life


Evesham Medical Office Building


Based on the LEED rating system as developed by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), this project is pre-certified for a silver rating. The project is currently pursuing 33 points with pre-requisites as follows:



SS Prerequisite 1: Construction Activity Pollution Prevention

SS Credit 4.3: Alternative Transportation: Low Emitting & Fuel Efficient Vehicles

SS Credit 5.2: Site Development: Maximize Open Space

SS Credit 6.1: Stormwater Design: Quantity Control

SS Credit 6.2: Stormwater Design: Quality Control

SS Credit 7.2: Heat Island Effect: Roof

SS Credit 8: Light Pollution Reduction

SS Credit 9: Tenant Design & Construction Guidelines



WE Credit 3.1: Water Use Reduction: 20% Reduction

WE Credit 3.2: Water Use Reduction: 30% Reduction



EA Prerequisite 1: Fundamental Commissioning of the Building Energy Systems

EA Prerequisite 2: Minimum Energy Performance

EA Prerequisite 3: Fundamental Refrigerant Management

EA Credit 1: Optimize Energy Performance

EA Credit 2: On-Site Renewable Energy

EA Credit 5.2 Measurement and Verification - Tenant Sub-metering

EA Credit 6: Green Power



MR Prerequisite 1: Storage & Collection of Recyclables

MR Credit 2.1: Construction Waste Management: Divert 50% From Disposal

MR Credit 5.1: Regional Materials: 10% Extracted, Processed & Manufactured Regionally

MR Credit 5.2: Regional Materials: 20% Extracted, Processed & Manufactured Regionally

MR Credit 6: Certified Wood




EQ Prerequisite 1: Minimum IAQ Performance

EQ Prerequisite 2: Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) Control

EQ Credit 1: Outdoor Air Delivery Monitoring

EQ Credit 3: Construction IAQ Management Plan: During Construction

EQ Credit 4.1: Low-Emitting Materials: Adhesives & Sealants

EQ Credit 4.2: Low-Emitting Materials: Paints & Coatings

EQ Credit 5: Indoor Chemical & Pollutant Source Control



ID Credit 1.1.4: Innovation in Design

   Credit 1.1: 5% On-site renewable energy

   Credit 1.2: 40% water use reduction

   Credit 1.3: 95% certified wood

   Credit 1.4: LEED education program

ID Credit 2: LEED Accredited Professional

LEED GOLD CS @ 2401 Evesham Road, Voorhees, New Jersey